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Empowering Individuals Through Financial Education!


We at the Friendly Financial Coach believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be a master of their own finances. Unfortunately,  financial literacy is not taught in public schools and banks are usually just interested in their sales targets.
The Friendly Financial Coach solves this by offering unique coaching sessions that empower you with the skills to master financial literacy and help you achieve your life goals. Centred around you, coaching sessions are taught in a non-biased and relaxed environment in a location of your choice.
Coaching Sessions will empower you to successfully;
  • Create and maintain a successful financial plan to achieve your life goals.
  • Learn how mortgages work and how to get the best rate before you see an advisor.
  • Teach your child or teenager the foundations of finance in a fun and exciting way.
  • All of our Coaching Sessions can be found on our Courses page.
All sessions are taught by an experienced Financial Coach with over ten years of experience in the financial industry. The Friendly Financial Coach is a proud Green Business and is registered with Live Green Toronto.
The Friendly Financial Coach is also now giving monthly Financial Education presentations at The Green Beanery Cafe by Bloor and Bathurst. Details can be found here!


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