Toronto’s Welcome Policy – 2020

Toronto’s Welcome Policy – 2020

Toronto’s Welcome Policy – 2020

Toronto’s Welcome Policy is a city-based program that pays for fitness and recreational programs. Available to vulnerable households, the city offers an annual payment to all members of a household that can be used for any qualifying city based program.

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How the Welcome Policy Works

If your household is approved for the program, each children and youth (those under 25 years old) are eligible for a $571 benefit, and each adult is eligible for a $264 benefit. These benefits can then be used to pay for any qualifying fitness and recreation program in the City of Toronto.

Benefits are allocated to each individual and expire after a 12-month period.

Who Is Eligible for Toronto’s Welcome Policy?

The aim of this program is to aid low-income households, so the main qualifier is your household’s combined before-tax income. Individuals that apply must be 18 years of age or older, and Toronto residents.

Individuals that are on social assistance are automatically eligible and can speak with their caseworker to enroll.

The following are the maximum combined household earnings to qualify for the Welcome Policy

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Using the above example, if you are a two-parent household with two children, then your maximum household qualifying earnings is $47,084 and you’ll receive a total of $1,670 in 2020.

Applying to the Welcome Policy

To apply, you will need to submit an application that can be retrieved from; the City of Toronto’s website, by phoning 416-338-2000, or by visiting a Toronto recreational centre. The application form must be filled out, attached with proof of income, copies of identification for all household members, copy of proof of address, and delivered to either; a Toronto Employment and Social Service office, dropped off at a Civic Centre, faxed to 416-338-5046, or mailed to the below address.

City of Toronto,
Welcome Policy Application,
55 John Street – Mail Room
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C6

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6 thoughts on “Toronto’s Welcome Policy – 2020

  1. Edina Horvath

    My name is Edina Horvath, I have two children, and a husband. We’ve already Family PIN Numbers, and Client Numbers .
    What CAN We Do, that We can get benefit for 2017?
    Thanks for answer!

    1. Matthew Siwiec Post author

      Hey Edina,

      You need to simply fill out the Welcome Policy application, attach the required documents, and submit it to city for approval. After that, it usually takes a few weeks to hear a response back from the city.

      1. jon jones II

        ok so besides the 244 for an adult, what else can we receive for those of us with low income or no income and do not want to go on social services?

        1. Matthew Siwiec Post author

          Hey Jon,

          There’re lots of programs that target vulnerable households that many people overlook. The majority of them are based on your household’s structure eg. if there’s children, a spouse, household income, etc.

          A couple of the programs that come to mind are the electricity subsidy program and working income tax benefit. Both need to be applied for and are often overlooked. Recently, the government stated that only about 30% of eligible households receive the working income tax benefit (WITB).

          If you have children, I would also recommend that you looking into the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). It’s a great program that offers free lump sums into RESPs.

          Hope that this helps!

          – M

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