Lesson Length – The session length will typically be between 1hr and 1hr 30 min. However, exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


Re-scheduled Classes – We can easily re-schedule classes as long as we receive live contact at least 12 hours before the session, or within previously agreed upon time arrangements.


Cancelled and Missed Lessons – Classes can be cancelled 24 hours before the coaching session start-time with no fees. Classes cancelled (and not rescheduled) without 24 hours notice will be charged 25% of the lesson fee.

If the Friendly Financial Coach must cancel a lesson we will notify you at least 24 hours before the start date at the provided contact number.  If we cancel less than 24 hours from the meeting start time we will offer a free individual coaching session. Note, we are not liable for any expenses, fees or other charges due to cancelled or missed sessions on our behalf.


Registration and Payment – Participants may register online or over the telephone. Payments can be made by cheque, cash, INTERAC E-Transfer and PayPal.

Full payments are to be made at the first coaching session or as previously arranged. All payments will be made to the name of Matthew Siwiec.

Refunds – For programs already in progress and already paid for, a full refund will be provided if coaching sessions are cancelled 24 hours before the coaching session start time. Pro-rated fees will be charged for completed coaching sessions if a multiple session program is partially completed prior to cancellation.


Insufficient Funds Payments – We at Friendly Financial Coach understand that financial difficulties may cause payment issues and therefore we do not charge a fee for the first NSF if a replacement cheque is provided within ten days. For repeat and late NSFs there will be a $20 CDN service charge.


Privacy – All information collected by The Friendly Financial Coach will be kept strictly confidential and will not shared with any third parties.


Occasional E-Newsletters will be sent from the Friendly Financial Advisor that can be cancelled at anytime.