30. Your Finance Questions Are Not Stupid

30. Your Finance Questions Are Not Stupid

30. Your Finance Questions Are Not Stupid

This week we explore a topic that I’ve been wanting to cover for a longtime – When people think that their personal finance questions are “stupid”

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Another Brand New Episode!

Episode Script

Today I have a short and important episode.  A topic that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a long time and once that always saddens me to hear. 

That’s when people think that their personal finance questions are – in their own words – stupid.

You may be wondering, how often does this actually happen and the answer to that is fairly frequently. Typically at every event that I work at least two people immediately shoot themselves down by saying this. Sadly, I can’t imagine how many people don’t bring up their question because of this mindstate.

So I’m here to say that none of your personal finances questions are stupid. This is such an important idea that I’ll rephrase it “Your questions are very intelligent and it will help build your strong financial foundation…I want to hear it all”

The idea of modern personal finance is actually fairly new and has a unique presence in our age. Mass consumer credit, large amounts of disposable income, overwhelming amounts of consumer products and much more are fairly new phenomena.

Technology is also changing finance and marketing at such a breakneck pace that it’s hard for anyone to keep up. To make matters more challenging, this modern form of personal finance has struggled to be implemented in modern educational systems and what we learn is typically from environmental factors around us like our parents, magazines, and other influences. If these environmental factors are weak then we’re in trouble.

Even individuals that have strong personal finance skills have often developed these skills in response to seeing poor financial skills in their environment. So asking questions is imperative to developing your personal finance foundation. Next time, ask me all of your financial questions…I truly want to hear every single one of them and will not judge.

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