TFSAs vs RRSPs – Infographic

TFSAs vs RRSPs – Infographic

TFSAs vs RRSPs – Infographic

Choosing between a Registered Retirement Fund and Tax-free Savings Account can be a challenge for many Canadians. To help simplify this decision, here’s an easy to read infographic. 

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Notes: Funds can be withdrawn tax-free from RRSPs in low-income years if your income and total RRSP withdrawals do not exceed the federal and provincial basic personal amount. For example, in 2016 this is: Federal – $11,327 and Ontario – $11,474.

The banks will have a withholding tax when you withdrawal from your RRSP, but this will be refunded when you file your taxes.

Limits: All contributions to TFSA and RRSPs are also subject to your personal limits.

Details about the Lifelong Learning Plan can be found here.

Details about the Homebuyers’ Plan can be found here.

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