Canadian Online Music Streaming

Canadian Online Music Streaming

Writing this article was probably just an excuse for me to listen to music at work, but this week I’ll be looking at the best Canadian online music streaming services. Most of these services offer free and paid options that are perfect for music lovers and casually listeners alike. There are many more sites available, but these are the most popular or available options.

So which one will be best for you? The answer to that question is which provider offers what’s important to you. The musical choices, price points and interfaces are all quite similar, but all of the providers offer unique features that are really the deciding factors.
All services offer a restricted free option that’s often peppered with visual and audio advertisements. The free versions will allow you to access select playlists or individual tracks (limited). If you’re not a heavy music listener than this would probably be the best option for you.

So here they are in no specific order;


Google Play

Google Screen Shot










-A free service is offered and the paid service is $9.99
-Offers an extensive music selection that is easily navigable. It’s claimed that they have over 30 million songs.
-Google recently bought Songza and has been implementing Songza’s curated playlists for users
-You’re able to download and listen to songs when you don’t have internet access
-You can upload up to 50,000 songs from your music library to stream anywhere. This lets you fill in any
missing artists that are not provided by Google.
-Google Play can be shared over numerous devices, so technically you can share it with someone you trust.
-Unfortunately you need to have a Google account to use Play. Honestly though, who doesn’t have one yet…


The other big and popular online music streaming site available in Canada.

Rdio Streaming Service












-A free service is offered and regular service is $9.99. They also offer a web only version for $4.99 and a two-user family pass for $14.99
-Claimed to have 32 million songs available
-Was rated by Money Sense magazine as their favourite paid streaming service due to it’s design simplicity and easy of designing a music library.
-Like Google, Rdio also allows you to download music to your digital devices for offline usage


A fun and easy way to listen to music. You select a play list and let it roll!

Songza Man









-A free service that periodically plays advertisements or displays them on their website.
-Lets you choose from a selection of human curated playlists
-Offers a limited amount of song skips
-Must be online to listen to
-Rated by Money Sense magazine as the best free music streaming site



The newest addition to Canada’s music scene and one that is growing quickly in popularity.

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-Like other providers, Spotify offers a free streaming service and a $9.99 paid option
-Spotify offers a musical selection of over 20 million songs
-Like other services, premium membership allows you to download music for offline usage on numerous devices
-Has recently begun a partnership with Uber cars and you can select the music that is played over the speakers in select vehicles.
-A partnership with Shazam allows you to identify an unknown song and then play in Spotify.

CBC Music

A true Canadian option that you’re already paying for in tax dollars!
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-A free online streaming service that focuses mainly on Canadian artists, CBC’s radio stations and curated playlists.
-A limited selection of music, but there are no advertisements
-Is a good source of music news as each genre has it’s own webpage that has relevant news updated regularly
-An online app is available, but online access is needed

Itunes Radio

A very limited version in comparison to it’s American counterpart

ITunes Streaming Radio









-Offers 761 radio stations that can be streamed for free online
-Plays right out of ITunes, which many people already have on their computer
-A wide selection of genres to choose from
-Ads, required internet access and no skipping limits listening experience

As mentioned, the best service for you is what offers you the most value.

If you have any questions please free to contact me anytime at Thanks for reading!